McDonald's In Talks With Hip-Hop Designers For Uniforms

McDonald’s has

already tapped into Hip-Hop music to help sell their food and promote their brand

and now the fast food giant is in talks with Sean John, Rocawear and Fubu to give

employee’s uniforms a makeover.

McDonald’s has hired music mogul Steve Stoute, who runs

Translation Consulting and Brand Imaging to oversee the project.

The fast food giant’s aim is to make the employee uniform

more desirable and to turn the clothing into walking advertisements for the

McDonald’s brands.

“McDonald’s has evolved and become a lifestyle brand,”

Stoute told “Since it now is relevant to our lifestyle, let’s

go one step further and make its employees relevant to our lifestyle as well.”

Other designers being considered for the uniform revamp include

American Apparel, American Eagle Outfitters, Tommy Hilfiger and others.

In recent months, McDonald’s offered royalties to rappers

who include the “Big Mac” sandwich in a hit record.

In that campaign, the artist who name checks the song in the

song will be paid a royalty based on the amount of times the record is played

on the radio.

Representatives said the initiatives are part of a broader marketing

campaign to use Hip-Hop to sell their products.

The company also

hired various rapper’s to perform at certain offline events and more recently,

used the Kanye West produced single “Move Around” by Chicago rapper

Bump J in a commercial.