Media Outlets Bidding Over Christopher Dorner Death Pics

(AllHipHop News) Christopher Dorner transformed from anonymous to public enemy #1 to a cultural commodity and the prize in a competition among media outlets, for his burned corpse's pictures.

According to TMZ, the seller of the photographs came to their offices and displayed the pictures. Allegedly the dismembered body of former officer of the Los Angeles Police Department turned vigilante had a charred midsection, several missing limbs and the top of its head gone presumably due to a self-inflicted gunshot.

Interestingly enough, several body parts remained barely damaged including his eyeballs and teeth which was convenient for the LAPD in identifying the body.

Early reports state that Christopher Dorner's driver's license was found beside his disfigured body setting off skeptics  to question how a driver's license remains intact in a fire that left Dorner's body unrecognizable. Since Dorner's February 12th death no photograph of his body, driver's license or the three different wallets multiple news stations reported were found.

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Teresa Evans, the training officer that Dorner had a dispute with that led to his eventual firing from the LAPD tole that it was her tip that led to police finding the infamous manifesto and making Dorner a suspect. After the death of Monica Quann, daughter of Dorner's former lawyer Randall Quann, Evans said she had a "nagging, sinking feeling" that Dorner was the culprit:

"In my mind, it felt like such a long shot. But my gut feeling made it a lot stronger than that. I just knew. Something told me that there was some kind of a connection."

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