Meek Mill & 76ers Co-Owner Team Up In Order To Free A Million People From Prison

Plus, the Philly emcee recruits Jeremih and PnB Rock to perform on 'The Tonight Show'.

(AllHipHop News) Since being released from state prison in April, Meek Mill has gone on many media platforms to promote his new mission of fighting for criminal justice reform. The Philadelphian made an appearance on The Tonight Show, and he once again spoke about his goal.

Philadelphia 76ers co-owner Michael Rubin joined the rap star on Jimmy Fallon's late-night program. Rubin and Meek explained how they first met and why they're teaming up to create a foundation to fix the justice system.

"It's a new organization that me, Michael Rubin, [New England Patriots owner] Robert Kraft, and a few others have been working on the last few months," said Meek.

Rubin added, "Our mission is going to be very simple which is: How do we get a minimum of a million people out of the criminal justice system in the next five years? And how do we, over the long term, cut the [prison] population in half?"

Meek has incorporated his reform mind frame into his music. The DreamChasers leader debuted his "Stay Woke" record at this year's BET Awards.

"Stay Woke" lives on the Legends Of The Summer EP which also hosts "Dangerous." Meek tapped Jeremih and PnB Rock to perform the cut on The Tonight Show.