Meek Mill Almost Brawls With Nicki Minaj's Husband

AllHipHop Staff

Things almost got violent in Los Angeles earlier today, when week Mill cross paths with Nicki Minaj and her new husband.

(AllHipHop News) Rapper Meek Mill almost came to blows with Nicki Minaj's new hubby in Los Angeles earlier today (January 25th).

Meek Mill was shopping with some associates inside of a luxury store called Maxfield in West Hollywood when Nicki and Kenneth Petty happened to stroll into the building.

According to a video, Nicki and Kenneth Petty became hostile when they saw Meek, who reportedly tried to diffuse the situation.

Things only became worse as the newlyweds grew more aggressive towards Meek.

The Philly rapper eventually had to be restrained by his security guards, who ushered him out of the store before things got out of hand.

Meek is in town to take part in a superstar Grammy tribute to Nipsey Hussle featuring artists like DJ Khaled, John Legend, Kirk Franklin, YG and Roddy Ricch.

Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill dated for two years, until they ended their relationship in January of 2017.

Nicki ended up getting married to Kenneth Petty in October of 2019.

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They've been pipin dude (KP) as if he's a tough guy...just because he did time and shot somebody. Dude ain't the only one with heat out here. Meek ain't fightin over Nicki, She ain't shit to be fightin' over. How is KP making bread....i don't buy the whole He paid 1 mil/5 mil however much for her ring. I'm pretty sure she broke him off...he reinvested it and may have started something but in the end you still paid for ya own shit. She needed to go back and marry someone from her Past cus don't no industry Nigga want her 🤷🏽


Nikki is upset that Meek is more relevant than her now and she’s old. Lost her spot to Cardi, left with a disfigured Barbie body that apparently ain’t fertile after all those abortions. She’s been gon trying to catch up to Cardi by getting married accept she married a loser. Cardi got a star. Meek has another child on the way and prosperous new business deals with Roc Nation and JayZ. So lame and Petty like her new last name. I mean what kinda self hating woman marries a convicted rapist? Nikki please disappear. No one wants there daughters confused or influenced by your shitty choices and terrible examples. Focus on your Rapist brother and husband you silicon infested cow.


Kenneth Petty the biggest sucks 4 luv I ever seen! That silicon fake Barbie gonna get him hurt or killed. She ain't worth it. He a real captain save a hoe! Gucci and Waka ran a train on her. Babies and Wayne tossed her up, and get paid off her ass. And he fell in love wit a groupie hoe turned rapper like he got a Diva!