Meek Mill Appears On MSNBC After PA Supreme Court Rejects Request For New Judge

The Dreamchaser stopped by 'The Beat with Ari Melber'.

(AllHipHop News) Robert "Meek Mill" Williams received some bad news on Tuesday. Pennsylvania's highest court decided not to remove Common Pleas Court Judge Genece E. Brinkley from his ongoing criminal and probation case.

In a ruling by the Commonwealth's Supreme Court, two judges denied Meek's request to replace Brinkley while three judges supported his motion. Another judge ruled against the Philadelphia rapper but suggested Williams bring up the matter at a hearing before Brinkley on Monday.

Meek and his lawyer Jordan Siev were guests on the MSNBC program The Beat with Ari Melber following the PA Supreme Court's decision. Melber asked the "Dreams and Nightmares" performer if his current legal situation was the result of systemic racism.

"I just think some of the things in my case are unethical and had nothing to do with me being on probation," Meek replied. "The reason why we're here, the reason why I'm out on bail is because we're talking about an officer who the District Attorney is not standing behind his testimony."

Williams continued, "Three other people actually had their cases vindicated because the District Attorney couldn't stand on the testimony on the same cop that arrested me. It's like 12, 13 years later. Why am I still on probation? I'm basically having a hearing to decide if I have to go back to trial on this case when people have already had their cases thrown out due to the integrity of this same cop that arrested me."

Reginald V. Graham was on the DA-created Police Misconduct Review Committee's secret list of police officers blocked from testifying in court because they were believed to have lied on the stand or brutalized suspects. Meek's legal team has also accused Judge Brinkley of being biased and demanding inappropriate requests.

Melber and Meek also talked about the Pusha T and Kanye West song "What Would Meek Do?" which lives on the Daytona album. The 31-year-old Roc Nation emcee took the name drop as a compliment from "two great artists."

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