Meek Mill Files Appeal Petition Over Cop's Alleged False Testimony

Yohance Kyles (@HUEYmixwitRILEY)

The Philly rapper's legal team is attempting to get him released on bond.

(AllHipHop News) Meek Mill's legal team is working hard to get their client out of prison. The latest attempt comes in the form of a Post-Conviction Relief Act petition.

According to Billboard, lawyers are requesting Meek's release on bond or dismissal of the charges because of a report that Philadelphia police officer Reginald V. Graham allegedly gave false testimony at the rapper's 2008 trial. Graham's name was supposedly on a District Attorney Office's list of cops known to lie in court and abuse suspects.

Meek (born Robert Williams) was arrested by Graham in 2007 on drug and gun charges. The now-retired officer took the stand and claimed an informant purchased crack from Meek, but no physical evidence was presented at trial to corroborate his account.

The petition also cites sworn affidavits from former Philadelphia police officers Jerold Gibson and Jeffrey Walker. Gibson was present during Meek's 2007 arrest, and he disputes large parts of Graham's testimony. Walker stated that Graham's arrest warrant for Williams “bears the hallmarks of a fraudulent affidavit, written to manufacture probable cause for the search warrant.”

Meek Mill is currently serving 2-4 years for probation violation, a charge that is an extension of the original '08 conviction. The "R.I.C.O." rhymer was incarcerated in 2017 for illegally riding a motor bike in New York City.

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