Meek Mill Granted Hearing Set For This April

AllHipHop Staff

Could the Philly rap star be finally coming home?

(AllHipHop News) Rapper Meek Mill could be coming home, now that a court date is set for an appeal to get the rapper out of prison.

Meek will go before Judge Genece Brinkley on April 16th, in hopes of having his 2-4 year prison sentence overturned.

The rapper, born Robert Williams, has been imprisoned in a Pennsylvania penitentiary since last November, for a serious of minor infractions as he served out probation for a 2008 drug and gun case.

Both a prosecutor and probation officer requested that the "Dreams and Nightmares" performer not be jailed for the alleged violations based on two dropped court cases.

Meek's lawyer had claimed that a judge was extremely biased when she supposedly asked Meek to leave Jay-Z's Roc Nation management in order to hire a local manager that she reportedly had a personal relationship with.

The rapper's evidence gained traction after a Court Clerk slipped him a note during his final hearing, asking for money to pay for her son's tuition.

Earlier this week, a new article revealed a list of police officers who had a documented history of lying, racial bias, cruelty, or abuse of power, including the cop who originally jailed Meek Mill in 2007.According to the motion, former police officer Jerold Gibson testified under oath that the cop, named Reggie Graham, acknowledged he fabricated his claims that Meek pointed a gun at him when he was originally arrested over a decade ago.

"The news of this secret list, which includes the only officer to testify under oath against Meek Mill, is troubling but not surprising because we knew all along that the information officer Graham gave in court was false," Meek’s attorney Joe Tacopina told Page Six.

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Ride with two cars Meek. One clean, the other dirty. If not get car service and stay ducked off in your hotel room or condo or whatever until its show time. And cut back on the entourage. I wish I could sit this lil brother down. SMH.