Meek Mill Links With Governor Of Pennsylvania To Demand Criminal Justice Reform

Meek has gone from being locked up to working with the governor and lawmakers.

(AllHipHop News) Rapper Meek Mill joined forces with the Governor of Pennsylvania on Thursday to lead a Call-to-Action event demanding criminal justice reform.

The "Dreams and Nightmares" hitmaker appeared alongside Governor Tom Wolf at the National Constitution Center in his native Philadelphia to encourage lawmakers to overhaul the prison system and focus more on rehabilitation for minor drug offenders, instead of throwing them behind bars.

The original conviction dates back to 2008, when he was found guilty of drug and gun charges, but the whole case is now under review due to a local police corruption scandal.

At the Call-to-Action gathering, Meek confessed to struggling with a previous addiction to opioid pain medication, and credited his probation officer at the time with helping him get into rehab, declaring, “It changed my life.”

He also insisted that until laws are changed, he will always be haunted by a minor mistake he made as a teenager.

“I’m still not a free man,” he said. “I always feel like my freedom could be taken.”

Governor Wolf used the hip-hop star’s case to highlight the need for changes to the criminal justice system, explaining he wants to put an end to “technical parole violations” leading to incarceration, as was the case with Meek Mill, according to the local NBC News.

The rapper, who turns 31 on Sunday, is due back in court in June, when he will learn if his 10-year-old conviction will be dismissed.

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This LAME Opioid Junkie's now gonna put on a Suit & Be an 'Activist'?! GTFOH - he DESERVED That Sentence & More! #WeakMeekSucks

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