Meek Mill & REFORM Alliance Introduce New Legislative Action

Meek is backing a new bill called The Smart Probation & Parole Act.

By: Shirley Ju (@shirju)

(AllHipHop News) Pennsylvania probation and parole system is ready to be transformed in a major way. REFORM Alliance, a company dedicated to advancing criminal justice reform and putting an end to laws and policies that continue to preserve injustice in America, has taken their first major legislative action.

Recently, REFORM Alliance joined bipartisan bill sponsors Jordan Harris (D-Philadelphia) and Sheryl Delozier (R-Cumberland) in introducing the Smart Probation & Parole Act (HB1555) to the legislature, to present to the House Judiciary Committee.

This act was launched as a criminal justice initiative response to the unjust re-imprisonment of Meek Mill after he was slapped with a minor technical violation while on probation.

"I've been on probation in Pennsylvania my entire adult life, for over a decade. Every aspect of my life is restricted," Meek Mill said. "We need to pass HB1555 and make sure individuals in Pennsylvania never experience confining and oppressive barriers that make it nearly impossible to re-enter society, travel to a job or even provide for their families."

According to the REFORM Alliance, The Smart Probation & Parole Act (HB1555) will be designed to:

Incentivize good behavior and rehabilitation for people on probation and parole.

Reverse damaging measures that led to Pennsylvania having the third highest percentage of its citizens on probation and parole in America.

REFORM co-chairs Meek Mill & Michael Rubin, and CEO Van Jones will be spearheading the campaign.

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Keep doing what you think is right man.. Voice for the voiceless