Meek Mill Reportedly Works Multiple Prison Jobs For 19 Cents An Hour

The rapper is apparently staying busy while in SCI Chester.

(AllHipHop News) Meek Mill's legal team is still attempting to get the Philadelphia rapper out of state prison. While he's still locked up, Meek is apparently staying busy by working multiple jobs.

According to TMZ, the Wins & Losses album creator is part of the general labor crew at Pennsylvania's Chester State Correctional Institution. Meek is reportedly responsible for cleaning the cell block and prison grounds as well as washing dishes, cooking, and serving meals.

A representative from the prison revealed Meek is making 19 cents per hour. The Dreamchasers leader is also said to be waiting to take therapy courses.

Robert "Meek Mill" Williams was sentenced to 2-4 years for probation violation. Judge Genece Brinkley recently denied his bail request, claiming the entertainer is a "great risk to the safety of others in Philadelphia and throughout the country."

Meek's lawyers filed an updated bail motion in Pennsylvania Superior Court. In addition, they have repeatedly accused Brinkley of being biased. There have also been reports the FBI is investigating the judge's behavior in the case.

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