Meek Mill's Lawyers Fight Ruling As Judge Blast's Rapper Over His Son

AllHipHop Staff

Meek Mill's lawyers are not giving up in their fight to free the rapper from prison.

(AllHipHop News) Meek Mill's lawyers were in court yesterday (December 4th), fighting for their client's freedom once again.

Lawyers for the Philly rap artist filed an appeal, after the previous ruling on Friday, which effectively keeps Meek locked up for 2 to 4 years.

Judge Genece Brinkley announced her ruling on Friday (December 2nd), claiming failed drug tests, fights and listing false addresses were enough to violate Meek and send him back to prison.

Additionally, Jude Brinkley ruled that Meek was a danger to society due to his reckless behavior.

“From his original arrest, conviction, and sentence on drug and gun charges in 2009 to his August 2017 arrest for endangering the citizens of New York City, defendant has demonstrated that he continues to pose a great risk to the safety of others in Philadelphia and throughout the country,” Judge Brinkley wrote in a ruling that was released to the public yesterday (December 4).

“Defendant claims to be involved in his son’s life; however, significantly, his son does not reside in Philadelphia County,” the judge continued in her response.

“One look at any travel schedule previously submitted to the court would belie that claim as defendant was often not even in the Philadelphia area because this court allowed defendant to travel outside Philadelphia while on probation," Judge Brinkley wrote. "Likewise, defendant’s ties to his mother, who resides in New Jersey, are questionable for the same reason.”

The rap star's lawyers have contested Judge Brinkley's ruling, in a new appeal to Pennsylvania's Superior Court.

Meek's lawyers remain adamant that Judge Brinkley is treating him unfairly, for her own personal gain.

“We are very disappointed with Judge Brinkley’s decision to deny Mr. Williams bail, which continues her long pattern of unfair treatment of him,” Meek's lawyer Joe Tacopina told . “As stated on multiple occasions, he has never missed a previous court date in this case and poses absolutely no threat to the community, which makes him an ideal candidate for bail – a conclusion [prosecutors] did not oppose.”

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Lot of hate around here. Not gonna get into the should he or shouldn't he. What I nwill say is Meek is very much involved with his son. That part was bullshit.


MULTIPLE violations and plenty of chances were given to this idiot and he basically farted in the judges face so she had to let him know what it really is. where is the unfair treatment? if this was any of you cats on here you would of been locked up waaaaaay sooner. his fame bought him some chances and he blew em flat out. smh


I think the judge is objective. Meek became a wanna be. All of that Teeft Bey stuff, with Bean Siegel, Safari jumped on video by his order and other violent public encounters is what got him.
People acting like it’s injustice but he never paid debt to society for the original crime.
Tax write off activities doesn’t exempt him.
He should la cool off and chill.

I don’t like the system but Meek brought this onto himself. Not the Boys to Men remix.


the weak meek one was STUCK On Doin' DUMB SHT! He blew his second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth & seventh chances........ FCK meek! He's being SUED in multiple cases & will be EXTENDED PRISON TIME Anyway!


get over it. meek knew this was coming.