Meek Mill's Legal Team Files Motion To PA Supreme Court To Remove Judge Brinkley

The "Young Black America" rhymer is taking his complaints to the next level.

(AllHipHop News) Lawyers for Robert "Meek Mill" Williams have formally filed a motion to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court seeking to have Judge Genece Brinkley removed from the rapper's case. The Court granted Williams bail in April and recommended that Judge Brinkley recuse herself but she declined to do so.

“Judge Brinkley's conduct since the time of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court's decision to grant bail to Meek - including inappropriately commenting on his case through her lawyer, treating him differently than the thousands of other uncontested PCRAs and stating under oath that she has in the past and may in the future be disabled from performing her job - necessitates her immediate removal from this case," states Mill’s Attorney Joe Tacopina. "We have now asked the Pennsylvania Supreme Court to do just that so that Meek can be treated the same as all other similar defendants have been treated in the past.”

Common Pleas Court Judge Leon Tucker denied Meek's request for Brinkley to be taken off the case because he did not have the power to make that decision. Judge Tucker made it clear to the Philadelphia-raised artist's legal team that only the Pennsylvania Supreme Court could make that ruling.

Last week, Philadelphia 76ers co-owner and vocal Meek Mill supporter Michael G. Rubin publicly blasted Brinkley. Rubin posted a message on Instagram saying, "she is not fit to be a judge."


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