Meek Mill Says There Was No Reasoning With Kanye West When It Came To President

Meek opens up about his discussions with Kanye and his love for the POTUS.

(AllHipHop News) Rapper Meek Mill tried frantically to talk Kanye West out of meeting with U.S. President Donald Trump at the White House last month.

Kanye has been openly heaping praise on the contentious Republican leader since his election in 2016.

The rapper joined Trump for lunch in Washington, D.C., where he ranted about a wide range of issues, including criminal justice reform and mental healthcare.

Meek, who was jailed for five months earlier this year for violating his probation relating to a 2008 incident, reveals he spent "hours" on the phone with Kanye in the lead up to the event.

The Philly rapper said he tried to make Kanye understand why considering the need for sweeping changes to the way people are handled in the criminal justice system with Trump would be fruitless.

"I don't think (Kanye) addressed anything that had to do with what was tough on justice reform," Meek told Vulture of West's rambling speech during his White House visit. "He wasn't prepared for it, and he shouldn't have done it. I had phone calls with Kanye for hours. He was trying to get me to go to things like that (high-profile meetings)."

Meek, who had previously rejected a White House invitation to address prison reform legislation, also had the chance to discuss his concerns with Kanye's wife, Kim Kardashian.

"She knew a lot more information (about criminal justice reform) than I thought she would know," Meek admitted, but added, "I just couldn't reason with them."