Meek Mill Scores Huge Victory; Granted Hearing In Front Of New Judges

The rap star is close to having his old 2008 conviction completely tossed.

(AllHipHop News) Meek Mill received some great news from the Superior Court of Pennsylvania today.

The rap star and his lawyers were finally granted a new hearing, to decide if his 2008 conviction should be vacated, or if Meek should be granted a new trial.

"We're looking forward to the oral argument before the Superior Court of Pennsylvania and to, hopefully, having Meek's conviction vacated," Mill's lawyer Jordan Siev said in a statement. Siev continued, "In light of the District Attorney's recent filing, where he supports the granting of a new trial to Meek and the recusal of Judge Brinkley, we hope to have this injustice rectified once and for all."

Meek has been on probation since 2008 after he was arrested on drug and gun possession charges.

The rapper has maintained that he was set up by dirty cops, and he was slightly vindicated after his arresting officer, Reginald V. Graham and other Philadelphia cops were accused of corruption.

Meek ran into trouble when he was busted for violating the terms of his probation in November of 2017, and ended up in a protracted war with the Judge overseeing his case.

Judge Genece Brinkley ordered Meek to serve two years in prison for a series of minor infractions.

Judge Brinkley's decision was immediately condemned, and set off protests around the country, bringing to light to some of the more unfair practices in the probationary system.

Meek was eventually released from a prison in Chester, PA in April of 2019, after his lawyers argued the judge had a vendetta against the rap star.

Last June, the case went all the way up to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, but the Judges ruled against the Philadelphia rapper’s request to have Brinkley removed from his case.

The temporary setback by the Supreme Court seems to have worked in Meek's favor.

Prosecutors recently filed paperwork with the court, agreeing that Meek's conviction should be vacated and he should get a new trial and another judge.

Now only will the rapper's case be heard by different Judges with the Superior Court.

Meek's hearing is scheduled for July 16 at 3:30 p.m.

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