Megan Thee Stallion Addresses "Simon Says" Reference Track

Yohance Kyles (@HUEYmixwitRILEY)

Hot Girl Meg faces her first controversy since dropping the 'Fever' project.

(AllHipHop News) Yet another "ghostwriting" scandal has taken place in Hip Hop. This time it's connected to rising Texas rapper Megan Thee Stallion and her song "Simon Says."

Following the release of Megan's Fever on Friday, the singer Wolftyl posted on Instagram, "#simonsays play this record on repeat. grateful to be a part of this record. leaving little paw prints all over 2k19."

Followers of Meg assumed Wolftyl was insinuating she wrote the Hot Girl's bars. Thee Stallion fired back by writing on IG, “Don’t nobody write my sh*t for me... Simon says shut TF up😂."

Wolftyl later denied being a "clout chaser." She also insisted she did not claim to write Megan's verse, but Wolftyl did take credit for the song's hook, bridge, and name. She also posted a “Simon Says” reference track.

Megan reacted on Instagram Live. The 300 Entertainment recording artist stated:

What a reference track is - not meaning that the b*tch wrote no sh*t. That means somebody wrote and said, "Go say this." When Juicy J brought the song to me - and y’all know I don’t let nobody write sh*t for me - the one motherf*cking time I let a n*gga say, “Hey, this would be a good idea” and I take it, here comes a random motherf*cker trying to act like they really did some sh*t. If sis wanted some credit, what she should have said was “Megan, I had something to do with the hook.” When you got to posting and sh*t, you should have been like, “I was on the hook.” You was insinuating that you wrote the song, and people was commenting on my sh*t saying, “Yeah, such-and-such wrote this.” If you had been clear and direct from the beginning, we wouldn’t even be doing all this. It wouldn’t have been that crucial, and it’s still not that crucial, because I don’t got no problem with admitting when somebody did something.

"Simon Says" producer Juicy J jumped into the situation with his own explanation for the creation of the record. The Three 6 Mafia veteran added, "I produced & write a lot of songs & I get people to reference the songs I wrote Simon Says now lets end this, this is very Petty have a happy Sunday!"

However, Wolftyl released a supposed text message exchange with Juicy J's manager. The conversation appeared to confirm Juicy was aware of her involvement with the track and was willing to offer credit and compensation for her contribution.

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Shawty definitely clout chasing! She knew insinuating that she ghostwrote the track would garner more buzz than any pub/credits she was given. She knows that helping out on a track with an artist is a background job but shawty actually wants the spotlight, that so obvious! I mean, if they gave you credit and pub, why on earth would you post things that would generate any kind of buzz for yaself if you are not the artist? Megan was right, if the girl was clear and said, yea I wrote the hook and made the original beat I think things would of been fine. But shawty left it open bcuz it looked better if the public thought she did more than what she actually did. #Scandalous