Member Of 57th Dynasty Passes; Funeral Details

Carl "50/50" Fearon an original member of UK Hip-Hop group The 57th Dynasty, passed away earlier this month at the age of 26 due to a brain hemorrhage.

As part of the 57th Dynasty, Fearon performed on stage with a number of artists, including Eminem, Outkast, DMX, Wu Tang, Common, The Roots, and several other well known Hip-Hop artists.

Along with performing on stage with some of Hip-Hop's hottest acts, The 57th Dynasty also had their own series on MTVNE.

Not only did Fearon excel as a member of The 57th Dynasty, but he also had a prominent solo career. "Hold Strong", "Break Free", "Coz We Rebel", "Still I Rise", and "Love Of Hip-Hop" are just a few of Fearon's solo tracks.

Fearon's funeral will take place on January 25 and will be followed by a reception at The Harry Caddick Hall.

To visit Fearon's tribute page and listen to his music , visit go to