Member Of 6ix9ine's Entourage Arrested After Being Shot By Manager's Muscle

More details are coming out surrounding a shooting in Manhattan involving 6ix9ine.

By Shirley Ju (@shirju)

Shots were fired at Philippe's in New York.

(AllHipHop News) Just when you think Tekashi 6ix9ine is clear from trouble, more problems arise.

On Friday night, the “Gummo” rapper head to Philippe’s to celebrate of his recent court victory over his child sex case.

What was supposed to be an evening of celebrating his win of dodging prison, ended in pure chaos.

6ix9ine was meeting his new manager at the restaurant in Upper East Side, who blocked Tekashis’ boys from entering.

While Tekashi and his family returned to their vehicle, members of his entourage went back to confront the 10k Projects executive.

Things escalated quickly, as the exec’s bodyguard quickly stepped in.

A member of Tekashi’s entourage ended up grabbing a chair and smashing it over the manager’s security's head, who ended up pulling out his gun.

Shots were fired and one of 6ix9ine’s men were shot in the abdomen.

One of the customers at Le Bilboquet across the street stated: “There were two gunshots about two seconds apart. A woman ran in with kids and everybody was under the tables."

Two men, Zachary Bunce, 33, and Faheem Walter, 29, of Manhattan were charged with gang assault.

Earlier in the day, Tekashi was let off the hook with four years of probation versus up to four years in prison.

We wonder where this puts him now.

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