Memorial Service For KRS-One's Stepson Canceled

Rap legend KRS-One and his wife Simone Parker have announced the cancellation of an upcoming memorial service for the rapper's stepson Randy, who committed suicide earlier this month.

The New York memorial service in honor of Randy was to be held August 6, but has been canceled for "personal reasons," according to the Parker family.

"If the hundreds of letters and responses to the announcement of the passing of our son are any indication, we know that through you, his life and spirit will forever be celebrated and live on," KRS-One and his wife Simone told in a statement.

According to to Mrs. Parker, her son tragically died from a self inflicted gunshot wound to the head in his Atlanta apartment earlier this month, because of her son's "severe depression."

"We extend our apologies to all who have come to our support, volunteered your time and services and planned to attend the service. We trust that you understand and respect our decision," the Parker's said.

Randy Parker was the son of Randy Allen, once a close associate of slain rapper, Jam Master Jay.

Randy became KRS-One's stepson after the rapper married Simone, Randy's biological mother.