Memphis Bleek, Just Blaze, Fab Comment On Beanie/Jay-Z Beef

AllHipHop Staff

Philly rapper Beanie Sigel has not posted anything to his Twitter account since August 30.

But today he is one of the top ten topics of discussion on the popular social networking site, where fans, former collaborators and former label mates alike are still talking about his surprise verbal assault on rapper Jay-Z.

It was on Twitter, as a matter of fact, that many learned of Sigel’s new song “Average Cat,” the diss record he debuted via DJ Kay Slay’s “The Drama Hour” radio show on Hot 97 in New York early Friday morning (October 30).

Around midnight, the self appointed “Drama King” announced that he had would be premiering Sigel’s diss at about 12:30.

“That phone call from Beanie Sigel was definitely a call to remember,” he shared with his followers three hours later. “The convo to getting that joint [to] premier… phew… HipHop [at] its Finest.”

Shortly thereafter, multi-platinum producer Just Blaze, who played a prominent roll in Roc-A-Fella Records’ legacy and has contributed to all of Sigel’s album simply tweeted, “first the fat boys break up… can’t believe what I'm listening to.”

And once the track had found its way onto the internet, less than an hour after its radio debut, Brooklyn rapper Fabolous was among the first to distribute a link to the audio via Twitter.

Fab's thoughts on the topic are representative of what most fans and artists, including Junior M.A.F.I.A.’s Lil’ Cease have expressed.

“To me its disappointing,” Fab stated overnight. “I hate [to see] family fight.. But I don’t know either side of the story. So I’m neutral & enjoyin’ the music, as u should. I hate hip hop family splits & beef's... I jus love hip hop unity but I guess people grow apart too.. but when u do, do u gotta s**t on or diss the people who were ur family?”

The online chatter grew louder once Beanie Sigel discussed his motives with Charlemagne Tha God on Philadelphia’s 100.3 The Beat Friday morning.

Yet while many considered his statements a shocking revelation of the inner workings of Roc-A-Fella Records, for one rapper, it struck an all too familiar chord.

“After Hearing Beanie's story, people can stop wondering what happened with us and Dip Set/Roc-a-Fella,” said Mayhem of the London-based group S.A.S. “They have you around to benefit them! Makes me feel better that it ain’t jus us. Damn, is 50 the only guy in the East Coast that made his whole team rich?”

On Friday afternoon, the situation came full circle, when Memphis Bleek offered the first response from Sigel’s former inner circle.

“Just waking up my phone going crazy over this Segiel [sic] s**t,” he posted just minutes after State Property’s Young Chris offered a simple “No Comment.” “I just seen son at Powerhouse, wasn't nothing now its something..... I'm lost on that.... Guess that's how the rap game work

"And for the rec,” he continued, “I can't diss that's my nigg we gotta get up an chop it up that's all.He know me that's all I could say.”

As for the numerous artists who have previously beefed with Jay-Z, only one has responded.

In the midst of promoting his forthcoming fourth solo LP The R.E.D. Album, The Game slipped in his two cents, writing “& Yeah I'm ridin wit Beans no matter what Rae think!!!”

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