Men Associated With Murder Inc. Plead Guilty

Two men associated

with Kenneth "Supreme" McGriff pleaded guilty to federal conspiracy


John Ragin, who co-produced the movie Crime Partners, which was allegedly used

by McGriff to help clean up drug proceeds and Derek Hayes, have agreed to a

plea bargains with prosecutors investigating Murder Inc.'s ties to McGriff and

the drug trade.

Ragin, 34, pleaded guilty to credit card fraud and money laundering and faces

15 to 19 1/2 years in prison when he is sentenced October 31.

Ragin owned a Tuxedo Rentals. The shop that moved over $500,000 through the

company's bank account between 1998 and 2001, despite the fact the company had

no legitimate business.

The tuxedo shop was used as a front for laundering proceeds from a stolen credit

cards. When Ragin's address was raided, authorities found more than 1,000 credit

cards and duplicating machines.

Several of the SUV's registered in the shop's name were also linked to burglaries

and a homicide.

Sources told in January that the victim was a friend of McGriff,

known as Black Just.

"Just was Preme's true friend," the source told "Preme

was the driver of the SUV that dropped Just at the hospital. The only blame

that belongs to Preme is not taking Just straight to the hospital while the

main artery in Just's leg poured out blood. This delay caused Just to bleed

to death while Preme frantically tried to find someone else to take Just. Preme

wanted no connection to Just or a shooting..."

Just was allegedly shot and murdered by Queen's rapper, E-Money Bags, who was

subsequently shot 10 times and murdered.

Hayes, 39, pleaded guilty to making illegal bank deposits and faces six months

to a year in prison when he is sentenced October 6.

McGriff was sentenced to 37 months in prison in June for illegally possessing

a handgun as a convicted felon, after firing a gun at a firing range in Maryland.

"There's no reason for you to keep your skills up," U.S. District

Judge J. Frederick Motz told McGriff after he was sentenced.

McGriff is also under investigation for a double homicide. His prints were allegedly

found in a a drug stash house in Owings Mills, Maryland, along with large amounts

of cocaine and promotional items from the "Crime Partners" movie.