Mental Supreme Brings The Unsigned Celebrity Concert Series Back To NYC

It is very rare that we get a legit opportunity to view amazing talent from around the country at one event. Many times we are asked to check out showcases that display talent that just isn't up our alley....but thankfully we've come across an event that we think will be something doper than anything we've seen in a very long time! Why is that you ask? Well, because this time it's a competition that will be judged and there are prizes involved! That tends to drag the talent out of their houses and on to the stage!

And it's an excellent opportunity for us to see if we can't find some underground talent to talk about!

Brooklyn's own Mental Supreme and his Training Camp Showcase are finding their way back to New York City and we're excited to be a part of the festivities!

The Training Camp Showcase has been called the “Home of the unsigned artist” as it's the longest running unsigned artist showcase in the country. 13 years is a long time to be doing this!

Says founder Mental Supreme,

"Not only do we educate the unsigned community on today’s ever changing entertainment industry, but we carefully cultivate & develop those who are serious about their craft. We have been doing so for over 13 years. Our program is not easy, we strip away the hype, the gloss, the facade, the ego, the self entitlement and we get down to the “essence of the artist” – (the passion & greatness).

Honestly, The Training Camp Showcase is not for everyone. But for those few, we promise greatness & the opportunity to create a new standard, a new expectation, a new caliber of entertainer for 2014 and beyond. Simply put...The Training Camp Showcase “We manufacture greatness.”"

Pretty hot right? Hip Hop was never a place where everyone got a trophy! So we are eager to see who is going to be on this stage and if they can live up to the premise of the competition!

So who will be the next winner and receiver of the $1,000 grand prize?! We don't know...maybe it will be YOU!

The next event:

Tuesday, June 24:The Unsigned Celebrity Concert Series- $1,000 Grand Prize for best performance!
An interview & write up on "The Worlds most Dangerous Site" - with Skyy Hook

This event will be judged by & many others!
For details:347 249 9441