Merchandising Firm Claims Beyonce Is Bullying Them Over "Feyonce" Name

AllHipHop Staff

Beyonce's lawyers are going after a merchandising firm with a name a little too close to home for Queen Bey.

(AllHipHop News) Merchandising bosses facing legal action from Beyonce have hit back at the superstar, accusing her of bullying the small business owners over the company's name.

The "Halo" hitmaker took issue with the name of the Texas-based firm, Feyonce, Inc., and the products the owners are selling under the moniker, which is a play on her own trademarked name.

Beyonce wants the firm's owners to cease selling their goods, which reportedly feature phrases and lyrics from her hit song "Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)."

She alleges they are capitalizing on the huge success of her 2008 release by infringing on her trademarks and copyrights, which she believes will cause "irreparable harm" to her business reputation, as she has no control over the quality of the products.

She is also seeking to be awarded all profits from the unofficial merchandise, in addition to damages.

Now Feyonce, Inc. executives have responded to the 2016 lawsuit, insisting they make no mention of Beyonce on their website and have not tried to lead consumers into thinking they are officially associated with the singer.

According to paperwork obtained by , the defendants claim their business is not named after the star and is instead just the phonetic way of pronouncing 'fiancee', with their products marketed at engaged couples.

They also slam Beyonce for requesting she be handed their profits as compensation, declaring she "is not entitled to handouts simply because she is famous," adding, "She wants to bully us and take what is rightfully ours."

The company owners go on to suggest Beyonce's fans would never confuse the two brands because they are "sophisticated consumers" who "would exercise heightened care before purchasing the goods of defendants."