Messy Marv Records New Album In Prison; Working On New Material

Fans looking for new music from Messy Marv won’t have to wait long.

The imprisoned rapper is gearing up to release Draped Up and Chipped Out 2, the second album in the Draped Up and Chipped Out series.

Work on the new project, originally titled Millionaire Gangsta, was underway before Messy Marv was arrested on weapons charges last year.

Despite his incarcerated status, the rapper managed to work on nine songs from Draped Up and Chipped Out 2 while incarcerated, as well as garner a recent San Francisco Weekly Music award nomination for Best Rap Act of 2007.

Although he believes the Scalen LLC/SMC Recordings/Fontana album will satisfy supporters, Messy Marv is determined to not let life behind bars deter him from making his presence felt.

"I know my fans is starvin’ for that real Messy Marv s**t, so while I’m sittin’ down I had to re-up with Draped Up and Chipped and put a twist on it," the rapper said. "You gettin’ a feel for my solo album. But when I touch down, I’m back in these streets pushin’ this independent line - know that!"

Draped Up and Chipped Out 2 will be the first musical offering from Messy Marv in more than two years.

The rapper’s last solo album was Bandanas, Tattoos and Tongue Rings.

Draped Up and Chipped Out 2, which is described as a compilation style solo album, will feature guest appearances from Juvenile, Mike Jones, Sean Paul (of the Youngbloodz), B-Legit, Mistah F.A.B., G-Stack, PSD tha Drivah, Dem HoodStarz, V-White and Mac Dre. Producers include DJ Daryl and Sean T.

Messy Marv’s Draped Up and Chipped Out 2 is slated to hit stores on Nov. 20.

The following is a tracklisting for the album:

1. Live from Rita Intro - Messy Marv2. Conversation Costs Money - Messy Marv feat. Magnolia Chop3. My Life is a Movie - Messy Marv feat. Mac Dre4. Bagg Up - Messy Marv feat. Sean Paul5. Rep Yo Hood - G-Stack feat. Mistah F.A.B. and J Stalin6. How Bad You Want It - B-Legit7. Lil’ Daddy - Messy Marv feat. Juvenile and Skip of UTP8. What U Hollerin’ - Messy Marv feat. Guce9. When the Plane Lands - PSD tha Drivah10. Real Street N****’s - Messy Marv feat. Guce11. Dope Boyz - Dem HoodStarz feat. Nio tha Gift and Big Rich12. Body Rock - Messy Marv feat. Mike Jones13. Tongue Ring - Jessica Rabbit14. How Bout That - V-White and the Politician15. Sei Luv - Messy Marv feat. J. Valentine 16. Millionaire Gangsta - Messy Marv