Meth & Red Want Sitcom Success

Method Man has had success packaging his charisma and raw persona on albums and movies. Now, the Shaolin representative is hoping he and partner-in-rhyme Redman can deliver their hip-hop charm to the small screen. The duo will test their fate as they star in a sitcom pilot on Fox.

But, Meth admitted he had some reservations.

“I’m working on not getting cancelled,” Meth told about the as-yet-titled show. “[But] it’s cool, me and Redman. It’s gonna work out.”

The show will be a traditional “fish out of water” tale, ala’ “How High,” featuring the two rappers moving into a mostly white New Jersey suburb. Though the premise of the show isn’t groundbreaking, Meth predicts a success.

“I’m not gonna count the eggs before they hatch,” he said. “We gonna see what happens.”

The rapper was careful to add that their success was contingent upon the time slot of the show. In particular, he cited Friday as an example of a poor slot, which he doesn’t want the show to air.

Method Man and Redman have already collaborated several times in the past, most notably their Blackout album and their movie “How High,” co-starring Essence Atkins.

Currently, Method Man appears alongside Eddie Griffin, Anthony Anderson and Michael Imperioli in “My Baby’s Daddy.” In addition to television and movies, both rappers are working on solo albums tentatively scheduled to be released this year.

The sitcom does not have an air date.