Method Man Struggled Through "High" Altitude Show

Method Man had some struggles breathing during the X Games.

(AllHipHop News) Rapper Method Man struggled through a weekend concert at the 2018 X Games in Aspen, Colorado because the high altitude made it difficult to breathe.

The Wu-Tang Clan star and his longtime collaborator, Redman, were booked to perform at the extreme sports event on Saturday, but the 46-year-old found it tough to acclimatize to the thin air.

Speaking to ESPN before the show, Method Man said, "This altitude is killing me, you know? (It's) hard to complete a sentence without taking that deep breath."

"It sucks, but you know, we still have that energy and we gonna turn up (have a good time)," he added.

Despite his concerns, Method Man and Redman appeared to pull off the gig without any real issues, delighting fans at the sporting extravaganza.

Crowd is whack

Meth and Red go hard, but Ghost and Rae go hard as well. Not certain which duo from the Clan go hardest. I know Red is not an original Clan member but he is an honorary WU member.