MF Doom, KMD Ready New Albums

After reinventing

himself as the Metal Face of Doom a.k.a. MF Doom, Zev Luv X and KMD will drop

their third album in Spring or Summer of 2004 on the Nature Sounds record label.

The album will

pick up where their sophomore effort, Black Bastards ended.

The album is described

as a conceptual album, explaining how Zev Luv X was dropped by his record label,

how group member Subroc was killed and how MF Doom came about.

KMD will also drop

a greatest hits album on January 27. The Best of KMD will feature tracks

from Mr. Hood and Black Bastards as well as unreleased remixes

and b-sides.

KMD was made up

of Zev Luv X, his brother Subroc and Onyx. The group dropped their debut, Mr.

Hood in 1991. The album produced the legendary single "Peachfuzz."

The 1993 follow

up, Black Bastards, was shelved due to conflicts over the cover art.

Shortly after,

group member Subroc was killed after being run over by a car.

In related news

MF Doom and Madlib will drop their collaborative album, Madvillian in

March on Stonesthrow.

The first singles

to drop from the album will be "Money Folder" b/w "America's

Most Blunted."