Miami Judges Issues In Favor Of Slip-N-Slide In Pitbull Album Court Battle

A Miami judge recently

issued a 26-page opinion stating that Slip-N-Slide Records has the right to release

an album that rapper Pitbull recorded prior to signing with the New York based,

TVT Records.

The judge ruled

that Slip-N-Slide has the right to issue the album Welcome to the 305,

as long as it has a label affixed to the cover, stating that the release contains

previously recorded material.

Pitbull recorded

the contested songs in 2001 for Slip-N-Slide prior to signing with TVT Records.

The final decision now rests in the hands of a U.S. District Court Judge, who

will review and approve or deny the opinion.

TVT claims Slip-N-Slide

is attempting to cash in on the rapper’s superstar status.

''TVT has invested

substantial time, effort and resources to develop [Pitbull] as an artist and

to develop, market and release the M.I.A.M.I. album on a worldwide basis. ''

Gottlieb said in court papers.

Slip-N-Slide has

countered, claiming TVT hindered the project by sending out letters to distributors,

claiming the recording was illegal.

Slip-N-Slide owner

Ted Lucas stated that Pitbull had verbally approved of the release and had no


“The court

finds extremely significant the fact that the artist himself is not a party

to this lawsuit and the lack of any evidence that he has expressed any negative

feeling toward the release of 305,” the opinion stated.

Slip-N-Slide has

stated that if the album is not in stores for the holidays, they would sue TVT

for $4 million in damages.