Michael Jackson Memorial Set; Custody Battle Breaks Out

AllHipHop Staff

A memorial service for Michael Jackson has officially been confirmed and will take place this Tuesday (July 7) at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, where Jackson rehearsed for an upcoming tour.

Organizers are giving away 17,500 tickets to fans lottery style, who must register at StaplesCenter.com.

Of those 17,500, only 11,000 will be able to actually go inside of the Staples Center.

The other 6,500 will watch the event from a simulcast being broadcast at neighboring Nokia Theater.

"If you do not have a ticket, if you are not credentialed, not only will you not be allowed at these venues, you will not be allowed in this area," Los Angeles Police Department assistant chief Earl Paysinger said. "Watch it on TV."

In related news, California State Attorney General Jerry Brown has officially launched an investigation into Jackson’s prescription drug use and how he received powerful anesthetic drugs like Diprivin (also known as Propofol).

The drug was found in Jackson’s house and is suspected of being the substance the caused the 50-year-old pop superstar to go into cardiac arrest.

A custody battle has also broken out over Michael Jackson’s three children. Debbie Rowe, who birthed Jackson’s two children Michael, 12 and Paris, 11, has confirmed that she will seek custody of the children, who have been in the care of Jackson’s mother Catherine since Jackson’s death last week.

Rowe will also reportedly seek custody for Prince Michael II aka Blanket, although she is not the child’s biological mother.