Michael Jackson's Family Defends Singer Ahead Of 'Leaving Neverland' TV Premiere

Yohance Kyles (@HUEYmixwitRILEY)

Marlon, Jackie, Tito, and Taj chat with Gayle King.

(AllHipHop News) HBO is set to air the Leaving Neverland documentary on March 3 at 8 pm ET. With the controversial film premiering on the cable network this Sunday, Michael Jackson's family is pushing back against allegations that the late entertainment megastar sexually abused Wade Robson and Jimmy Safechuck when they were children.

Jackson family members sat down with Gayle King for CBS This Morning. Even though he admitted he has not seen Leaving Neverland, Marlon Jackson stated, "I want them to understand and know that this documentary is not telling the truth. There has not been not one piece of evidence that corroborates their story."

King also asked the Jacksons about accusations that Michael would have "slumber parties" with minors that supposedly included the adult sleeping in the same bed as other people's kids. MJ's nephew Taj Jackson responded, “It’s very innocent but I think, the fault on my uncle was he didn’t have that bone in his body to look at it the other way. His naivete was his downfall in a way."

This is not the first time Taj has slammed Leaving Neverland. He tweeted in January, "I’m so tired of these lies about my uncle. MJ fam, I see all your comments and messages about wanting to fight back. I doubt the media wants to learn the truth or is even interested in it. Negativity sells. But please post below on what we all can do to expose this documentary."

Earlier this month, Jackie's daughter, Brandi Jackson, also accused her supposed ex-boyfriend Wade Robson of lying. She wrote on Twitter, "Wade: You constantly talked about wanting to be 'relevant.' You’ve burned so many bridges that now the only time you are #relevant is when you headline with my family’s name next to yours. It’s time to stop these lies and live your own life."

Leaving Neverland director Dan Reed is quoted saying, "If there’s anything we’ve learned during this time in our history, it’s that sexual abuse is complicated, and survivors’ voices need to be listened to. It took great courage for these two men to tell their stories and I have no question about their validity."

However, Robson and Safechuck previously testified under oath that Michael did not molest them. In their interview with CBS, the Jackson family maintains the two men are simply opportunists seeking money. Additionally, the Michael Jackson estate sued HBO and parent company Time Warner alleging the documentary breaches a non-disparagement clause from a 1992 contract. HBO is still planning to air Leaving Neverland despite the legal action.