Michael Rapaport Walks Back Calling Meek Mill A "Trash Rapper"

The actor is still fixated on Meek's 2015 battle with Drake, even though the beef is now over.

(AllHipHop News) For whatever reason, Michael Rapaport felt the need to publicly share his opinion about Meek Mill. The director of Beats, Rhymes & Life: The Travels of A Tribe Called Quest blasted the rapper on Twitter.

Rapaport tweeted:

Meek Mill, great story. Great look. Trash rapper. Sorry. Meek Mill had a chance to prove he was a dope Rapper.....and then came DRAKE. That was a moment to stand tall as RAPPER. Like I said, great story, great look probably gonna do some positive stuff, none of that means you’re a DOPE MC. Dragged by DRAKE? Where I’m from, if you get dragged by DRAKE & don’t respond you’re & always will be WACK. At least make it competitive. Re-Up Something. People catching feelings, cause you know I’m right about Meek Mill. When I say “respond” I mean with something you can listen to more than once. Responding doesn’t mean “gobble,wobble,throttle." I’m sorry seeing Meek Mill perform entirely off beat AGAIN, this time at the All Star Game, got me in my feelings (Pun intended). I started by saying he’s gonna do good things in real life, just hopefully on beat. Anyone of you Hip Hop Bloggers, writers and Podcasters mad about about my #MeekMill reality never been to the Rooftop. Not one of you cornballs know what Im talking about... Meek Mill isn’t even a top 20 Rapper from Philadelphia & you guys are mad at me?

Meek fired back via his own Twitter account:

Aye @michealrapaport don’t ever use the word trash when you speaking on nothing from our culture unless you tryna get trashed 🤫 #2 who gave you authorization to be speaking on us? #3 what you charging now? Last time I seen You you wanted a selfie be great tho on the net 🤷🏾‍♂️. And I don’t follow him or know his name. I’m happy I didn’t @ him right lol. Me: ayo yo who this? Anonymous: I think it’s the guy from white men can jump? Him: meek you so fire you give me that feeling what hip hop is missing ima fan “can I get a selfie”? Hurry up go head 🤦🏾‍♂️. I never liked you since you played remy on the roof top... I kinda been on ya ass anyway lol

Michael Rapaport is now walking back his comments about Meek. The Higher Learning actor called into the Sway in the Morning show on SiriusXM to talk about those social media comments.

"I should not have used that word. He's absolutely not a trash rapper," said Rapaport. "It was wrong and it wasn't the right word. He's not a trash rapper. I can't say it and I wish I could take that word back. I'm harsh with my Hip Hop opinions. It's the wrong word and it's just not valid. It's not true and it's not reasonable. It was a stupid word to use."

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Meek is trash why you apologizing.