Michael Vick Released from Federal Custody

AllHipHop Staff

Former NFL star Michael Vick was released today from federal custody, allowing the former standout quarterback the opportunity to return to football.

Vick spent the last eight weeks of his 23 month sentence under home confinement, which required him to wear an electronic monitor.

He plans to meet soon with commissioner Roger Goodell to discuss reinstatement from his NFL suspension.

Goodell was non-committal about Vick’s reinstatement, but explained that the disgraced star has paid his debt and should be given the chance to redeem himself.

“That’s something he has to prove to myself and the general public,” Goodell disclosed to the Associated Press.

If Vick is reinstated, he won’t be returning to the Atlanta Falcons, who released him last month.

Because of the cooperation of his three co-defendants, Vick’s 23 month sentence was the highest received between them.

For the past month, he has been working a low-key position involving children’s fitness and health at a Hampton, Virginia Boys and Girls Club.

At one time, Vick was the highest paid player in the NFL with a then unprecedented 2005 contract extension for $130 million over 10 years, including $37 million in bonuses.

Despite near universal condemnation throughout the mainstream media, Hip-Hop artists such as Jay Electronica and David Banner used several verses to reference the disparity of his punishment compared to other pressing social and political crimes.

At press time, Mike Vick could not be reached for comment.