Midi Mafia Lending Support and Beats for New Deemi Album

Platinum production team Midi Mafia is spreading its wings beyond the rap circle with new R&B singer Deemi.

The production duo is crafting beats for the Brooklyn-based songstress' forthcoming debut release Soundtrack of My Life, which hits stores on Dangerous LLC/Family Ties Entertainment.

The video for the album's title track, which is also the lead single, premiered today (Mar. 2) on AllHipHop.com.

The song hits during Women's History Month, which takes place annually during the month of March.

"It's Women's History Month and my message is no matter what your circumstances are, every moment we are breathing we have a chance to put together whatever has been broken , learn from our mistakes, lace up our boots and keep growing," Deemi told AllHipHop.com. "Women have come so far and we do not quit."

The single, "Soundtrack of My Life," is personal to Deemi, as it deals with the topic of abusive relationships.

She move to New York in an attempt to escape a violent relationship with a former boyfriend.

"I decided I was going to leave when he [her former boyfriend] started to bruise my face," Deemi said. "I told him I was

coming back to New York to visit my family, but before I left I knew I wasn't coming back. Time passed and we went through so much s**t when we weren't together. He went to jail for two years and in Jan 2004, he was killed."

In addition to Midi Mafia, The Soundtrack of My Life album will feature a collaboration from rapper Remy Ma, who appears on the song "Little


The project represents a new chapter for Deemi, one of the artists on Midi

Mafia's new record label, Family Ties Entertainment.

Fans can preview tracks from the album on Deemi's Myspace page, myspace.com/deemi, as well as check out "What's Your Struggle?," a weekly

advice column where the singer offers assistance and support for those going through difficulties and problems.

"Soundtrack of My Life" is slated to hit urban radio outlets in April.

The Soundtrack of My Life album hits stores June 5.