Migos Ordered To Sit For Deposition In $1 Million Lawsuit Over "Stolen" Clothes

The battle of some missing designer clothes continues to "wear" on the rappers.

(AllHipHop News) Members of rap group Migos will be clearing out their schedule in the Spring, in order to sit in court and be deposed.

The rappers are accused of deliberately avoiding a court-ordered deposition over accusations they kept $20,000 worth of clothing from a video shoot.

A stylist named Marcus Clark sued the guys after they made an appearance in a video for artist Niykee Heaton.

Clark claims he styled The Migos for the video and provided $18,000 worth of luxury shirts and $1,000 worth of designer sunglasses.

He sued the Migos for over $1 million in damages for allegedly keeping their luxury goods.

The group filed a counter-suit against Marcus Clark, claiming he "consented" to giving away the swag.