Migos South African Concerts Are Not Scams Says Promoter

A promoter in South Africa is scrambling to reassure fans Migos are coming to perform.

(AllHipHop News) Representatives promoting a Migos tour in South Africa, are assuring fans the concerts are not a scam.

Migos are supposed to hit South Africa later this month for two days in Durban and Johannesburg.

Rumors circulated on social media that promoters were scamming fans and that Migos was not even coming to the continent.

However, promotion company Mabala Noise has issued a statement to nervous South African fans assuring them Migos is coming.

“I have spoken to Migos’ camp and they will definitely still be coming to South Africa,” the promoters said in a statement. “They have signed contracts which they will honor.”

Migos is supposed to hit the stage in Durban on October 20 and Johannesburg on October 21 As part of their “Culture Tour.”