Mike Bruno Shares Max B's Views on Jim Jones, Life Behind Bars

Life behind bars has turned in to a moment of reflection for rapper Max B.

The Byrdgang member faces 30 years to life in prison if found guilty of charges related to a September 2006 robbery and murder that he is accused of masterminding,

Max B is speaking out on being locked up, as well as his partner in rhyme Jim Jones through his manager and longtime friend, Mike Bruno.

Despite an initial desire to post Max B's $2 million bail, Jones stated in an interview with Hot 97 DJ Funkmaster Flex that he would rather give Max B (born Charly Wingate) half a million dollars upon his release, while waiting for bail to be lowered.

Jones' change of plans, according to Bruno, was "real tough for Max to hear, because who wants to be sitting up in jail when somebody out here saying they got a couple dollars?"

"At the end of the day, we appreciate what Jim did for us by getting us into this rap game and introducing Max B to the public, but as far as the business side goes, it's a lot of things that could be worked on and it ain't nothing that can't be corrected if people want to correct it," he said. "I feel Max is a priority. But when Max gets out, we going to attend to our business."

The $2 million bail was set in January during Max B's first court appearance in Fort Lee, NJ on charges of felony murder, robbery and conspiracy to commit robbery.

The situation has resulted in feelings of regret and frustration for Max B, Bruno said.

"Max B would like the people to know that he is upset about the charges because he knows people feel he let them down," Bruno said. "Max is feeling like he got something to prove to the people out here. First and foremost, Max had nothing to do with his crime or the accusations against him. He is just guilty by association and that's a thing that we go through as young, black people growing up in the hood. Basically, he just wants to get out to tell his story and make history. He is going to shake the world up with his rap game."

Max B quickly established himself in the eyes of fans through his appearances on Byrdgang mixtapes and Jones' Hustler's P.O.M.E. album and recent projects.

Although Max B was disappointed with Jones' actions, Bruno is hopeful the rapper and Dipset capo can unite and "make beautiful music because they make beautiful music together. But the business got to be right."

As for Max B's musical offerings, Bruno verified that fans will not be starving for songs from the rapper.

"There's tons of music. You hearing music on Jim's album that is old - it's new to the people but all of that is old Max B. Y'all ain't even hear the best of the boy."