Mike Epps Addresses Black Hollywood, Slams Kevin Hart & Defends Katt Williams

The bickering is not dying down between the entertainers.

(AllHipHop News) Rap music isn't the only art form that sees its celebrities feuding. Over the last few days, comedians Katt Williams and Kevin Hart have shared their opinions about each other on different radio shows.

It started with Williams' appearance on V-103’s Frank and Wanda In The Morning where the It's Pimpin' Pimpin' comic suggested Hart was achieving in Hollywood because he wasn't attractive. Katt also stated that Tiffany Haddish is an entertainment success because she is supposedly attracted to white men.

The Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle star fired back while on The Breakfast Club. Hart called out Williams for not taking responsibility for his own actions. He also mentioned his past dispute with Mike Epps.

"All the negativity I receive is from Katt Williams and Mike Epps. Ask yourself why. Those two people f*cked themselves over," said Hart.

Epps then made several posts on Instagram about the latest round of his conflict with Hart. He began by writing an open letter to Black Hollywood:

> DEAR BLACKHOLLWOOD Since the beggining of time we have never had the power in this business like we do now as a race but we started off as slaves in this country so I get confused when white fans and executives start to like black artist and think that this is a way to compare themselves to another black man or woman that is not in the same position or class . you now have become a Gate keepers that’s what black Hollywood has become if you a black film maker producer or a black man that make them money you are giving the opportunity to stand at the gate and say who can come in and who can’t 90 percent of the black entertainments got in the business through another black person i know I did and you did 2 ! You started off as work for hire let’s not forget Gate keeper so don’t start getting cute about your money and accomplishments in this biz it’s ok to brag but don’t forget this is not your House 🏠 your just at the Gate picking out the ones you think is worthy like they control you !if the Gate keeper tell the owner of the house he don’t like you your not getting in !!!!!! Period . That’s how black Hollywood work if you make them money you can Become a Gate Keeper s/o to to all those who believe in the have nots and let us in !! We will find a side door to get in and you will see us but not through your Gate!!!!!!#sundayfunday#fu*kyouitsmyopinion if you don’t like what I said muthafukin Trader Joe’s is still takin appreciations I know how work a regular job as well or hit the block again lol

The Shade Room screenshot an IG post from Epps that included the Dolemite Is My Name actor calling out Kevin Hart directly in defense of Katt Williams. The caption - apparently meant to be read in Hart's voice - was for a photo of Samuel L. Jackson's "coon" character from Django Unchained.

> White people love me and I have everything that a black man ever dreamed of But iam mad at you two n*ggas because some of y'all don't like me!!! Why everybody don't like me everybody is supposed to like me iam @kevinhart4real I don't do drugs I never drank liquor lol 😂 KATT AND MIKE YALL NOT GOOD ENOUGH SORRY GO BACK IN THE FIELD

Epps also returned to Instagram to dispute the claim that he and Katt Williams don't take responsibility for their respective careers:

> We taking full responsibility of our career a mike Epps film with my co star Katt Williams this film will knock you of your feet get ready squares 😂#HOUSENEXTDOORs/o to DEON TAYLOR AND ROBERT SMITH FOR BELIEVEING IN US @theshaderoompost that why you posting!!!!oh and KATT IS A OWNER AS WELL!

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With all this said, its still hating. Why did Mike Epps have to diss the man to begin with? No history of a misunderstanding or feud over a woman. I'm not a big Hart fan, but Epps and Katt are flat out hating.



Just get the Richard Pryor movie done, please!


Kevin Hart been a coon and wearing dresses. Mike Epps and Katt ain’t wit the BS that’s why they not lettin em in!