Mike Epps and Katt Williams Shooting Sequel To “Meet The Blacks”

AllHipHop Staff

Mike Epps and Katt Williams or set to scare fans in The sequel to the Indianhead “Meet the Blacks."

(AllHipHop News) It has been nearly 15 years since Mike Epps and Katt Williams shared the screen together.

But that’s all about to change when the sequel to change when “Meet the Blacks" is released.

Katt is set to start opposite Mike Epps in the sequel to “Meet the Blacks" titled “The House Next Door.“

The original film centered around Carl Black (Mike Epps), who moved his family from Chicago to Beverly Hills.

Things take a turn for the worst when he realizes he moved his family during a 12-hour purge when all crime is legal.

In the sequel, Mike Epps reprises his role as Carl Black. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the film is centered in Atlanta, where Mr. Black is focusing on writing a novel.

Things get crazy when a former Pimp (Katt Williams) moves in and starts causing havoc.

Carl Black, who is already stressed out from his experience in Beverly Hills, believes that the pimp next-door is really a vampire.

The sequel marks the first time Mike Epps and Katt Williams have been on screen together since 2002’s hit comedy “Friday After Next."