Mike Epps Gets Sentenced For Casino Brawl

AllHipHop Staff

Mike Epps was in court earlier this week over a brawl at a casino in New Orleans

(AllHipHop News) Comedian Mike Epps has been handed a suspended 30-day jail term after pleading no contest to misdemeanor battery following an incident in Louisiana earlier this year.

The “Friday” star reportedly became involved in an altercation with a man who recognized the actor at Harrah's Casino in New Orleans in February, during the city's NBA All-Star Weekend festivities.

The alleged victim claimed Epps and his friend, Thomas Cobb, attacked him for no reason, and they were arrested for battery and released on bail.

Epps appeared in court earlier this week to answer the charge, and he was subsequently allowed to dodge jail, although he was also ordered to pay $300 in fines and court fees, reports TMZ.com.

It's good news for the funnyman, 46, as he had previously found himself a wanted man after initially missing an arraignment hearing back in February.

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Lol, if you visit a casino then get ready for a potential loss. Why brawling??