Mike Jones Apologizes For Fight At Ozone Awards

Houston rapper Mike Jones has officially apologized for his role in a fist fight with Trae the Truth during the third annual Ozone Awards, although the chart topping rapper denied responsibility for the incident.

“First off before I point any fingers, I personally do want to apologize for the incident that happened at the Ozone Awards. I hope you all don’t get the wrong impression of me or my city,” Jones explained. “The incident that I was put in was totally unexpected and totally unprofessional. If I knew this was going to happen at a big event such as the Ozone Awards, first, I would not have brought my mother and second, I would have done everything in my power to prevent it”

At the pre-show, Jones was accosted backstage by Trae the Truth.

After unspecified words were exchanged, Trae suddenly punched Jones in the face and left him with a bloody nose before the altercation was broken up.

The incident is allegedly over Trae taking offense to Jones’ claim of being the “President” of Houston and showing disrespect to other rappers in the city.

Jones emphasized that he came to the event without malice and had no desire to embarrass Hip-Hop culture with another violence-marred award show.

“Knowing that this event was big, not only for me and other artists but for the city as a whole; I pray and hope that you the people can see and understand me and the unfortunate situation I was put in,” Jones clarified. “I am aware of how big this event was for the city of Houston and the entire Hip-Hop community.

Please know that I had no intention of tarnishing this great opportunity, nor the experiences of those who participated in it.”

Furthermore, Jones expounded on his intention to put the incident behind him by giving another apology, but stopped short of including rival Trae the Truth in his contrite words.

“I apologize once again for everything that happened but I cannot apologize for having to defend myself from someone bringing unexpected or un-called violence to me and my family at any time,” Jones reasoned. “I appreciate your support and understanding.”

Mike Jones’ breakthrough sophomore album Who Is Mike Jones? (2005) peaked at number 3 on Billboard’s Top 200 and is certified platinum.

He is currently working on his third LP The Voice of the Streets, which features appearances from Lil Wayne, T-Pain, Twista, and Hurricane Chris.

The second single “Cutty Buddy” is available now through iTunes download.