Mike Jones Changes Numbers, Offers Fans New One

Mike Jones was

the subject of an internet rumor where he was charged with a phone bill of $250,000

by Sprint. But, the rapper states that the gossip is close to reality than people


“My last

phone bill was almost a quarter million,” Jones told AllHipHop.com. The

rapper said he’s since changed his phone number and invited fans to continue

calling him. “My real phone number is (281) 330-8004. Album is in stores,

Who Is Mike Jones?” His new billing situation allows for unlimited incoming

and outgoing calls along with a flat rate.

Jones initially

began giving out his number, because another man was booking shows and impersonating

him. He decided to give out the number through his mixtapes so that promoters

and fans could easily reach him. The promotional tool has worked and he’s

now pressed up t-shirts that have been readily seen on MTV and BET.

Jones’ “Still

Tippin'” single and his phone number are still getting into heavy rotation

by fans and industry. His debut album Who Is Mike Jones? dropped on

April 19th and is expected to debut in the top 5 on next week's Billboard's

Top 200 chart.