Mike Muse: The Man Behind The President, The Man Behind The Music

AllHipHop Staff

With the election quickly approaching, those working closely with President Obama are also a pivotal part of history. The sacrifices they make aren’t as heard of, but just as important. Mike Muse is the CEO of Muse Recordings, but also on the National Finance Committee for the president. He wears many hats and exudes various ambitions and skills daily. Simply put, he’s an inspiration to many.

Since 2007, Muse has been on the journey with President Obama to evoke change, and help the people, all of the people. He recalls that his first time meeting the president as rather nerve-wracking, but explains that the experience as a whole has been nothing short of a blessing.

"I'm here to educate, help keep the momentum up, and show everyone how they can join this movement. Everyone has a place,” states the humble businessman. “Politics and music have a lot in common. Both have a way of changing and motivating, both play an instrumental part in everyone lives," he also shares.

Muse's life can seem quite daunting when juggling two careers, especially considering that one is of such high magnitude. Still, he feels if he's not extremely busy and making an extreme impact, he's simply not doing enough.

"My days get hectic but I find balance by prioritizing my daily goals and things I need to accomplish for the week. I'm simply not afraid of hard work. When you do two things you love, that becomes your passion," is how he puts it. In his eyes, passion is truly what dreams are built off of. He is living his in hopes that others will follow suit.

Mike Muse 2

Muse wants to be sure to send a message to the world that everyone can take ownership of this election: whatever you do well, use your skills to promote voting and activism. If you speak well, volunteer at a call center. If you are a designer, create your own t-shirts. Everyone has a role in the next four years the country is preparing for. He still recalls the drive and call to action in 2008, and he doesn’t want anyone to lose sight of the fact that all of that is needed right now.

For any young person seeking to take a big step, an aspiring entrepreneur, or anyone with a vision, Muse shares this advice: "There are three things I would tell anyone. First, don't be afraid to fail. That's the only way you will ever give 100%. Secondly, find a yes behind every no. Figure out why you got a no to begin with, and then figure out how to regroup and present yourself better after that. Finally, you have to have an incredible belief in self. If you don't, who will?"

Tawni Fears is a freelance writer and contributor to AllHipHop.com. Follow her on Twitter (@brwnsugaT).