Mike Tyson Arrested for Paparazzi Fight

AllHipHop Staff

Former heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson was arrested yesterday (November 11) at Los Angeles’ LAX airport for allegedly assaulting a paparazzi photographer.

The dispute happened in Terminal 7, when the photographer approached Tyson, his wife, and 10-month old daughter to take pictures.

According to statements given to police by Tyson, he struck the man to defend his family after the photographer became aggressive and hit him first.

The photographer’s version is that when he approached the retired boxer, he was punched in the face and struggled to prevent his camera from being taken away.

Tyson was cooperative with authorities, and booked without incident on suspicion of battery.

The former fighter also opted to press charges, and police were expected to officially arrest the unidentified photographer after the hospital releases him.

Last September, Kanye West and road manager Don Crowley were arrested for battery and vandalism when they accosted a paparazzi photographer on film and destroyed his camera.

These charges were finally dismissed last month. At press time, Mike Tyson could not be reached for comment.