Mike Tyson Disappointed In Chris Brown Over Boxing Match And Says Soulja Boy Scared Him

AllHipHop Staff

Mike Tyson sat down with DJ Whoo Kid to discuss a number of things, including his disappointment in Chris Brown

(AllHipHop News) Boxing Legend Mike Tyson may have been chris Brown and his cancel fight against Soulja Boy, but the Atlanta rapper earned the respect of the boxing Legend.

During a recent interview with DJ Whoo Kid, Mike Tyson said that Soulja Boy had actually earned his respect, even though Mike dropped a diss track the Atlanta rapper titled “If You Show Up.'

Chris Brown didn't show up I can't believe that. He didn't show up. soulja Boy was ready. There wasn't a scared bone in his body. He got me nervous."

Mike Tyson was supposed to train Chris Brown boxing match that would have been as well publicized as the Floyd Mayweather Conor McGregor last weekend.

After several months of bickering back and forth on social media,Soulja Boy and Chris were supposed to go toe-to-toe In a fight for charity, that was to be promoted by Mayweather promotions.

Chris Brown eventually backed out of the fight, claiming too many middlemen had gotten involved in the dispute.

Elsewhere in the interview, Mike Tyson talks about his experience at the floyd Mayweather Conor McGregor fight last week.

Like, he would have enjoyed it much better had LeBron James not been obscuring his view.