Million Dollar Lawsuit Against Webbie, Boosie Continues

A $1 million dollar lawsuit involving rappers Webbie and Lil’ Boosie will now be heard in a federal courtroom instead of a state setting.

The suit, which was filed on September 2007 in Baltimore City Circuit Court by Tracye Stafford of Ikon Entertainment, stems from allegations that Webbie (born Webster Gradney, Jr.) and Lil’ Boosie (born Torrance Hatch) failed to show up for a scheduled performance at Club Sonar on Dec. 9, 2006.

Despite the cancellation of the event after the no-show, the Baton-Rouge, La. rappers made arrangements with Stafford to appear Jan. 20, 2007 at a make-up concert at Club Mate.

While Gradney and Hatch enjoy the success of their latest collaboration on the hit single, "Independent," Stafford’s attorney, Paul W. Gardner, says the entertainers must be made accountable for what he feels is reckless disregard of their obligations.

"The rappers and their management have acted deceitfully, and this is not an isolated incident," Gardner told "Some of them have this ‘can’t touch me’ attitude, and the promoters are tired of it. They will be held accountable."

The event ultimately marked the second time Hatch and Gradney failed to honor their contract with the Baltimore promoter.

Stafford is seeking $1 million for direct and consequential damages, expenses, attorney's fees, plus interest and costs in the lawsuit, which also names Trill Entertainment and Asylum Records as defendants.