Mims Teams With Dame Dash's BlockSavvy.com

New York rapper Mims, best known for his chart-topping single "This Is Why I'm Hot," was recently granted his own channel on BlockSavvy.com, a social networking site that focuses on urban culture and lifestyle.

Mims' channel will feature exclusive video performances and Mims will also interact with BlockSavvy.com members, answering questions and sending shout outs to members of his channel.

Founded by Kwame DeCuir and Damon Dash Enterprises, BlockSavvy.com creates a relationship with urban consumers worldwide, through its interactive environment of 3-D photorealistic rooms and storefronts.

“Our channels give artists an entirely new way of reaching and interacting with fans, while providing our members with fresh, relevant content,” cofounder of BlockSavvy.com, Kwame DeCuir said in a statement.

Mims' debut album Music Is My Savior is currently in stores now.

To become a BlockSavvy.com member and access Mims’ channel visit www.blocksavvy.com.