Miss Jones Moved Off Hot 97

Hot 97 announced the cancellation of its long-running and often

controversial show "Miss Jones in the Morning." As early as July 21st,

the show's "AM Drive" time slot will now be split between two shows

with a national following.

In a statement issued by the station's parent company Emmis

Communications, listeners in the New York Tri-State area tuning in at

5am will catch Cipha Sounds and Rosenberg, which currently airs on

Saturday and Sunday mornings. With co-host Peter Rosenberg having

gained his popularity conducting interviews on YouTube, the show

continues to enjoy a strong online presence. That popularity is boosted

by Cipha Sounds' history in New York and status as an MTV personality.

At 7am, Rosenberg will sign off, leaving Cipha Sounds to pair up

with the nationally syndicated "Big Boy's Neighborhood. The Los

Angeles-based show, which once aired in New York on rival station Power

105.1 FM, signed a multi-year syndication deal with ABC Radio Networks.

"This provides a very special AM show with both local and

national talent with less edge, a little more celebrity, and a whole

lot of entertainment," the statement proclaims.

The move comes as Emmis prepares to test Aribtron's newest radio

research: the Portable People Meter. The PPM system will track the

listening behavior and history of each person studied by having each of

them where a small device that will record the information. The data

created is used as the currency stations use to buy and sell radio