Missy Elliot Denies Madonna Snub

Missy Elliot has

dispelled rumors that she snubbed Madonna while filming their new Gap advertisement.

Printed reports

said that Elliot kept Madonna waiting for almost 45 minutes while she gabbed

on her mobile phone.

When approached

by an impatient Madonna, who tapped on the window of the car Elliot was sitting in,

Elliot reportedly blew her off with a hand gesture.

After that incident,

Elliot reportedly refused an invitation to the Material Girl's swanky Los Angeles



came to me and asked what was wrong, and I told her in a roundabout way,"

she told New York Magazine.

"She called her spiritual adviser over the day of the shoot; he gave me,

like, the red string, and he prayed for me. The rest of the shoot was fine .

. . I would never disrespect her."

Elliot recently

hit the studio to begin recording her fifth studio album. The untitled album

will be produced by Elliot and Timbaland and will hit stores in November.