Missy Elliot Out Does Faith Hill, Passes The 1 Million Sales Mark

Missy Elliot has earned the distinction of being

the most successful "Artist Of The Month" in web property AOL's history.

In a testament to the growing power of hip-hop, Elliot beat out the previous

titledholder, Faith Hill.

To date, Missy Elliot has received 8.42 million

streams, as opposed to Faith Hill's 1.5 million. Elliot's popularity is being

fueled by her current album, Under Construction, which Elektra Records

representatives said has cracked the 1 million sales mark.

"Missy Elliott is clearly one of the most

popular artists today so it's no surprise that she received such an amazing

response from our members," Bill Wilson, Vice President and General Manager,

AOL Music told AllHipHop.com in a statement. "The response is a testament

to the fact that Missy is an incredible talent as well as to the popularity

of our Artist of the Month feature."

The album remains firmly rooted in the Top 10

on the Billboard Top 200 Albums Chart as Elliott continues to outrank her fiercest

competitors (from Nelly to Nas, Jay-Z to Ja Rule).