Missy Elliot's Respect ME Clothing Line Hits Stores This Week

Missy Elliot and Adidas’ collaborative line of clothing, Respect ME, is

being rolled out in stores across the country in the United States this week.

Elliot partnered

with the German sportswear giant in April. The deal is the first with an entertainer

since their landmark deal with Run-DMC in 1986.

"These clothes

are for everybody,” Elliot said. “Respect Me is about individuality

- about how you freak it in your own way."


line is geared toward women and carries the slogan “Be sexy, be bold,

be positive, be original.”

Adidas has the

rapper featured prominently on the homepage of their United States website,

where the collection is being showcased.

The Respect ME

line features T-shirts, track suits, boot and bags. Over 500 stores across the

country will carry the line.

Elliot also said

a portion of the sales will go towards Break the Cycle, a non-profit organization

aimed at preventing domestic violence.