Missy Elliott Says She Was Terrified When She Pitched Her Hit Songs To Aaliyah

Missy reveals how scared she was when she first met Aaliyah, who was already a star.

(AllHipHop News) Missy Elliott has admitted she was afraid of pitching songs to AALIYAH when they worked together on her hit album One In A Million.

The rapper and songwriter teamed up with Timbaland, real name Timothy Mosley, to pen eight songs, including the title track.

The album, which was released in 1996, went on to sell eight million copies worldwide.

But Missy was a relative unknown and Aaliyah was already an R&B superstar despite being in her teens. Missy was frightened to pitch songs to her - especially as her writing style was geared more toward rap.

"I was scared," the 47-year-old told Billboard. "I don't know if Tim was scared when we first played it because it was a different sound. It was a different way to attack records because people were really singing then; that world of rap-singing didn't really exist. Because I wasn't really a singer like that, that's why I wrote like that, because I was a rapper, but I didn't know how to do a bunch of runs, so every record that I would attack, I would attack it like I'm rap-singing it."

Missy, real name Melissa Elliott, credits the Aaliyah, who died in 2001 at the age of just 22, with spotting her talent and giving her a major break.

"She (Aaliyah) had an ear and she knew what that music made her feel like," the Get Ur Freak On musician added. "She was next level to understand that this is some next level (music). This is not just the sound that's going on right now - this is a new sound that is being created. This whole movement is new."